Ken’s Newest and & Most Requested Program:

Yard & Delivery Manager Managers Workshop

The Yard and Delivery Teams of the Independent LBM and Home Center Industry are the very backbone of a dealer’s success. For the highest level of success to be achieved by these essential teams, they must be dynamically led by stunningly effective managers through a set of rock solid core best practices and standards with tools that really work. The Yard & Delivery Managers Workshop devotes two dynamic days to understanding these essential Best Practices and providing powerful proven tools to ensure stellar performance within each separate yet interrelated area of Yard and Delivery Operations. Topics include:

√ Materials Storage and Handling (minimizing damage and increasing efficiency)

√ Stopping the Leaks NOW – minimizing Inventory Losses

√ The Maximum Customer Experience in the Yards and on the Job Site

√ Involving the Delivery Drivers in the Selling Process

√ The Essentials of High Level Delivery Execution

√ Improving Receiving Accuracy on Stock and Special Orders

√ Creating the Best First Impressions in Yards, Warehouses, Trucks and Ourselves

√ The War on Clutter, Waste and Poor Operational Standards

√ Safety First – In the Yards, Warehouses and On the Road

√ Using the Operational Excellence Worksheet to Fast Track to Top Performance

√ Role Modeling and Creating Winning Teams

We will also explore many other key topics related to becoming the Best Yard and Delivery Managers in the industry. The workshop combines in class academics with poignant Yard and Warehouse review of the host organizations Yard and Warehouse to boldly educate and accelerate all participants to immediate and sustained performances as Top Level Yard & Delivery Managers.

Stop the Leak! Preventing Inventory Losses

Consider the tremendous effort required to operate a business with the complexities of a building materials firm. At once, imagine the waste, as your hard earned profits are lost through the cracks caused by both bad habits and by ineffective operational models. In this expanded full day workshop you are invited to an awareness of where your business is at risk of product and profits losses. Participants are led through a discussion of the primary causes of inventory loss with effective strategies to reduce or eliminate being offered thought the class. This class acts as a powerful catalyst for change where simple, effective counter measures are presented that will safeguard your profitability and invigorate your staff. This powerful one-day workshop leads your organization to a paradigm where everyone has a part in minimizing losses.
This is a fantastic class for Senior Manager, Executive Staff and Location Managers needing to make an immediate and lasting improvement in inventory losses.

Cultivating Vendor Partnerships

We are in an age calling us to shift our vendor models from traditional supplier paradigms to well defined partnerships. This transformation is accomplished through the creation of holistic relationship between manufacturers, distributors and dealers spanning product selection, profit strategies and poignant educational and outreach initiatives where every stakeholder is involved in each other’s success. This brief powerful class will introduce the basic principles of an enhanced vendor partnership and show you where subtle new organizational habits will yield greater effectiveness and profits from your purchasing and buying divisions. Central emphasis is placed on the use of a written vendor partnership agreement that acts as a tool for establishing clearly understood business parameters of the business relationship between the dealer and the vendor. This outstanding and innovative class is especially beneficial for owners, merchants, and vendor representatives seeking a dynamic new model for the new generation of operational excellence in our industry.

Customer Service Essentials for LBM Excellence

Selling to building materials customers calls upon the widest variety of skills in the retail sector. It challenges our ability to listen. It taps into an immeasurable range of product and project understanding. It requires exceptional communication skills. It demands the employee to have the skills to deal well with people from the widest range of educational, vocational and social backgrounds imaginable in a fast paced, often stressful environment where our staff members are challenged to perform well with customers and fellow employees right from their first day of employment and every day thereafter.

In this one-day class, participants are asked to evaluate their skill sets and identify the key areas of strength and the areas where additional coaching and resources would serve them best in their new careers. Then, over a dozen specific points will be covered in a spanning the entire range of what a successful salesperson needs to master to begin their road to excellence.

Additionally, proven relationship building techniques and practices are presented that can be applied right away by both the seasoned veteran and the rank beginner in our challenging and rewarding industry.

Merchandising for Lumber and Building Materials Dealers

This highly beneficial one day workshop engages participants with what it takes to succeed through dynamic, proven and creative merchandising techniques. Whether your targeted customer is a consumer or a professional contractor or both, participants will learn to design crisp product presentation that minimizes effort and maximizes profit generation. Product adjacencies, bulk merchandising opportunities, display design, components of high producing endcaps, bold signage are among the topics presented in this essential class for any LBM dealer. Participants are given immediately applicable simple actions that will immediately generate measurable improvements in sales, gross margin and positive customer impression of your stores.

A great class for Buyers, Location Managers or LBM Professional committed to merchandising practices that increase profitability, improving company efficiencies and making a powerful positive impact to your customers.

Beat Last Year! – Targeted Growth Essentials

There is one enduring game in sales – to Beat Last Year!

This high impact workshop focuses participants on Attitudes, Skills, Actions and Overarching Strategies to win this game this year and every year. Methods of enlisting customers as partners in your success, the tried and true components of servicing the professional customer are integrated into innovative methods of sales management. The role of the field account manager is clarified and the supportive coaching role of the executive leadership in sales is revealed. Innovative analysis methods, measurements that really matter, must-do operational and merchandising fundaments are emphasized in addition to hard hitting account management techniques that all lead to immediate and sustained growth in your targeted customer base.

This class is guaranteed to equip your team to Beat Last Year even in the most challenging business climate. The simple, easy to understand principles in this dynamic program will yield immediate and lasting results in your teams Attitude, Skills and Actions improving sales and profits right away.

This class is geared for Pro Customer Sales Staff, Sales Managers, Buying Staff and Senior Executives who know that sales success begins and ends with their teams ability to SELL!

Superior Supervision for New Leaders

Superior Supervision for New Leaders equips the first time supervisor or manager with a set of reliable rules and best practices to direct and motivate their teams, minimize unhealthy conflicts and confidently have the hard conversations that will inevitably be a significant part of their role as a leader. Setting clear goals, coaching for excellence, establishing measurements that foster high achievement and effective principles of delegation are key elements in this amazingly beneficial class.

Suitable for both the first time manager and for any leader desiring a refresher on the essentials of effective supervision.

The Special Order Opportunity- NEW CLASS!!!

Special Orders offer keen opportunities for LBM professionals to expand sales, enrich margins and “show off” the depth and breadth of their knowledge to their customers. Yet, too often it is found that the special order is not being fully maximized by our industry. Inadequate measurements, improper profit calculations, omission of important aspects of cost of goods, poor special order handling standards and consistent undervaluation of the time, energy and creative force required to forge a quality special order has unimaginable negative effect on dealer profitability. This one day workshop brings the totality of the special order opportunity into the spotlight educating participants into a margin producing mindset, measurements and benchmarks for targeting optimum gross margin achievement in every special order, detailed checklists for all costs associated with a special order and receiving best practices that stop losses from mishandling. A fresh attitude and potent new skills for raising the confidence and performance of your entire team of buyers and sales staff toward the ever important objective of raising gross margins are but a few of the benefits of this valuable class. The Special Order Opportunity Workshop is a must for any dealer recognizing that underachievement in gross margins is hurting their business. This class is best suited for Senior Management in Sales, Finance, Operations and Key Sales Staff in any Pro, Consumer or Mixed Dealer within the entire LBM and home center industry.

Communication & Effective Delegation

Leaders in the LBM and home center industry communicate constantly. We speak to customers, vendors, colleagues and peers, superiors and subordinates in thousands of words every single day. Yet, the mastery of effective communication, especially when striving for highly effective delegation of authority to others remains illusive to even the most seasoned LBM manager. This one day class deals head-on with the attitudes, skills and actions that will insure an immediate measurable improvement in a leader’s communication with the members of their staff. Simple and powerful insights with effective tools for putting those insights into play are presented including:

• Insight into each major personality type and how each gives and receives information
• An effective model for insuring understanding in communications of any type
• How to establish understandable and measurable goals that lead to achievement
• Clarity in designating right levels of authority for any responsibility being delegated
• The pitfalls of ineffective delegation, which can be easily avoided when we know how

This class is NOT the typical canned communications class. It is an informative, enjoyable and exquisitely applicable class for leaders at any level in a construction supply or home center organization. The entire class format is SPECIFICALLY designed for the LBM professionals by a proven and successful educator working entirely within the LBM and home center industry. Participants will see marked improvements in all their relationships at work, at home and in every aspect of their lives from the first minute! This may well be the most important workshop of any leaders career!

“The yard foreman workshop was one of the most beneficial times spent with my foreman and I together due to Ken’s experience, insight and passion for the independent building materials dealer. He communicates in such a way that helped my foreman understand the important role that he has within our company. I have been looking for this type of training for quite a while for my yard foreman; and I have finally found it thanks to Ken Wilbanks.”

-Brian Klimek, Hilltop Lumber.

“I’ve participated in many training sessions with Ken over several years with two different LBM dealers. Ken has in-depth knowledge of sales, customer service and a relaxed approach to disseminating that knowledge. For the independent LBM dealer his insights into competing in a “Big Box” world are particularly helpful. His discussions are time well spent and applying his ideas in the real world demonstrates the wisdom of his approach.”

-Michael Hoit, Triple A Building Center.

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