Extended Sales / Operational Training

While day long training programs for skills training or leadership development offer beneficial learning experiences in a highly compressed format, often the actual need is far more comprehensive than can possibly be addressed in just a few hours.  An Extended Sales & Operational Coaching Relationship contains an abundance of benefits that are otherwise difficult to realize with an educator. It provides for continuity in a training format. It fosters systemic solutions to the entirety of your business model. This deepened relationship with the coach results in improvement opportunities for the entire team. It fosters an environment of clear and direct communication that results in vigorous engagement with both the participants and the issues they face.

An Extended Sales & Operational Coaching Program will include:

A Customized Comprehensive Package of Formal Training Sessions delivered over the course of the program focusing on increasing Sales & Gross Margin Improvements, Improved Leadership Skills, Merchandising and Purchasing Process Refinement, P&L Review and Response, Team Building, Improved Operational Execution, and other facets of your business. A combination of formal classroom sessions and hands-on experiential workshops make for the optimum learning environment work during the program.

 Team Driven Business Process Analysis for one or more business processes targeted during the initial diagnostic visit where greater efficiency and profitability proves available.

 Personalized Coaching for Designated Participants in the program to support radical and immediate transformation of the participants and company processes.

 Written Resource Workbooks to support the transformational goals for team members participating in the mentorship

 Email and telephone support during the work for the chosen participants as each embraces areas of personal and professional growth.

A final keynote address at the completion of the program to highlight the accomplishments of the individuals involved in the training and to encourage continued professional and personal achievement.


 The total cost of these powerful programs is far more affordable than you may imagine. Ken is TOTALLY committed to making these comprehensive long term programs absolutely accessible to dealers, distributors and individuals of any size. Be in touch with Ken today to discuss YOUR specific needs!


Specialized Topics

for Extended Coaching Relationships


Far beyond the obvious focus on improved sales and profitability, there are other key areas to focus upon in the course of an extended coaching program.  These can include:

Leadership Architecture Development –For decades the independent building materials sector has prospered through a traditional proprietorship model of management.  While this has led to many current successes, these winning organizations are being called to develop new leadership models that meet the business challenges that, through their achievement, have caused them to outgrow their management practices.  A Mentoring Relationship can focus on the development of a new leadership structure that encourages creative collaboration in a team model. It can promote greater accountability from all employees. And it can redefine the role of seasoned leaders as teachers and coaches to the next generation of rising managers and supervisors.  Old organizational charts demonstrating a linear authoritative management style can be replaced with holistic concepts that are far better suited for today’s employees and for tomorrows continued achievement.

Succession Planning – Family owned business face no greater challenge than those associated with passing leadership roles to their family successors.  This requires analysis with complementary educational and experiential prescriptions assigned to round out individual and team aptitudes.  Roles of senior leaders need redefining to allow a smooth transition while identifying the important continuing contribution from these sageful masters.  Communications barriers stemming from generational, philosophical, and linguistic differences require translation and interpretation.   Base talents of new generation leadership teams can be laid out against prototype of future company structure to identify where teams will need to supplement with recruitment or with the identification of candidates for promotion from within the existing mix of employees.

   Broad Based Operational Standards Improvement – At times quite literally the “whole thing” needs to be looked at and reinvented.  Our businesses are holistic systems where individual processes relate to and affect each other. When sales, operations, marketing, and financial management are called into question with the express goal of comprehensive reinvention remarkable positive changes are immediately realized. Employees become more motivated as they individually contribute to a new structure.  Customers benefit as all business processes begin to serve their needs better than ever before.  Financial success soars to never before imagined levels as accountabilities are refined, outdated processes are pruned, and new best practices for achievement are installed within existing and newly created systems.  Beginning with casual conversations and thorough operational audits and finally culminating in potent unique new business models and strategies, an invigorating long term coaching relationship designed to rebuild an organization initiates and directs a powerful internal transformation that will be the most rewarding professional exercise of your career.



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