Leadership Coaching


Leadership and Team Building

for the Building Materials Industry


As managers and executives we run dynamic and demanding organizations. The momentum of the daily business routine urgently commands our attention to such a degree that we can suddenly find ourselves in the middle of a totally new game playing with an outdated set of rules. We need potent new insights, strategies, and tools that foster transformed environments that are equally dedicated to financial and personal achievement. We need a sense of balance and integration that honors both our employment and our home lives.


This one-day seminar outlines the traditional culture of the building materials industry and defines the current and developing social changes that impact our business models. Outdated and ineffective practices in our noble industry are graphically profiled. Powerful solutions in the areas of organizational architecture, communication skills, leadership and management habits and strategic planning paradigms that powerfully meet the evolving business climate are presented. Everyone who attends will take simple, practical, and immediately effective strategies, skills, and habits back to their organizations. This rigorous combination of seminar work and round table interaction is best suited for managers and executives who need a boost in their personal and organizational effectiveness.


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