Strategic Planning Retreats

Ken has traveled the country from coast to coast for fifteen years bringing his programs directly to dealers and associations. He has enjoyed every last mile of the trip, but he’s betting it’s time for you and your team to take an inspiring and empowering break and come see him in the mountains of Southern Appalachia where he offers several customized retreats:

Beat Last Year:
A THREE DAY Sales Management Retreat!

Take a Pause with a Powerful Purpose! An Unprecedented Open enrollment Leadership Retreat focusing on Sales Management for Intentional Profitable Growth for your LBM/Home Center Organization.

»»The Topics:

Team Building – choose the right team members

• Critical Skills – effective proposals that increase close rate

• Correct Measurements – distinctions between Game Stats that drive performance and scores that track results

• Potent Actions – format of a strong team member update and learn how to powerfully accompany your team members on a sales call

• Right Attitudes – Can Do, Focus, Thanks and Gratitude (and how to creatively apply these to your team strategy), Confidence and the Power of Belief (that you CAN actually affect your teams’ results from the first day of your return from the retreat).

• Powerful Tools – Tools to evaluate customer preferences and needs; identify the rich potential within your customer account lists; create an intention plan that keeps your week and month in the power activities as a sales manager

»»The Results:

• Intentional Profitable Sales Growth
• Intentional Profitable Sales Growth
• Enriched Gross Margin
• More Loyal Professional Customers
• A Powerful Leadership Method (by which you lead your sales team, focus and confidence!

»»The Investment:

• $2,000.00 per person / up to 10 people in a group

Take a Break with a Bold Purpose:
A Three-day Strategic Planning Retreat

A key element of a highly effective LBM organization is its ability to take a pause from the operational daily grind to develop or re-create the vision for the organization. Executive and management teams are invited to step away from the day-to-day routine and obligations in order to step into a guided experience focused on strategic planning.

This executive retreat enables organizational leaders and managers to openly, honestly dialogue with their team members and colleagues on the key issues relevant to their organization’s success. Even in these challenging times an organization’s senior leadership team, under the skilled and insightful guidance of a quality coach and facilitator, can plot a prosperous course for sales and profit achievement.

This three day retreat will empower you to formulate and create business initiatives in the essential areas of Finance, Operations, Marketing/Merchandising, and Human Resource Development. In these three days you will create a culture of excellence within your organization and learn how to apply the Executive Imperatives which are essential to success in the LBM sector.

A Customized Mountain Retreat in North Carolina:

Ken’s mountain retreats are all customized and tailored for the groups with which he works. The Complete Retreat Package costs $18,000 and is designed for 6 to 8 people and includes the following:

• Retreat Facilitation & Materials
• Retreat Logistics & Coordination
• Lodging
• Meals
• Entertainment and Activities
• Retreat Executive Summary and Harvest Follow-up
• Transportation to and from the Asheville N.C. airport (participants are responsible for their airfare expenses to and from Asheville)

Retreat Topics:

Ken will customize a retreat that is designed specifically for your executive team and/or members of your company. Topics include (but are not limited to):

• Executive Leadership
• Human Resources Development
• Financial Operations
• Operational Processes and Execution
• Marketing
• Merchandizing
• Sales Management
• Other: _______________________

Retreat Location:

Ken’s retreats are held in Hot Springs, North Carolina because of its unparalleled natural splendor which simultaneously inspires and invigorates the body and mind. Hot Springs is nestled in a high mountain valley surrounded by mountains and the Pisgah National Forest. It stands at the crossroads of what is purported to be the third oldest river in the world, the French Broad River, and Spring Creek. Hot Springs is considered to be “The Hometown of the Appalachia Trail” because it is the first town the AT runs through going south to north. Local activities during the retreat include guided fly fishing, hiking the Appalachia Trail, rafting down the French Broad River, and visiting the world famous local hot springs.

On-site Retreat Facilitation:

Ken is available to facilitate retreats at your location of choice. This retreat package costs $18,000 (plus travel) for three days and includes the following:

• Retreat Design and Preparation with your team
• Retreat Facilitation
• Retreat Harvesting
• Follow-up Executive Summary and Report

“Ken is a very dynamic individual and brings a lot of aggressiveness to the leadership/sales side of the business. Alexander Lumber got really good at being defensive with our strategies and frugal with our overhead. We have since begun to change our company’s vision to more of a proactive sales-driven model and we are starting to see positive growth not because of the economy but more so because of our habits. Ken is the reason we’ve seen success with this new model. I would not only recommend Ken Wilbanks for any facilitator position but also as a business consultant.”

-Josh Meillier, Owner/Sales Manager of Alexander Lumber

“Ken, thank you for your time last week. We left very uplifted with many ideas of how to change our operation and philosophy. We spent most of the 3 hour trip discussing what we have learned and ideas for implementing.”

-Jim McGrew, VP Sales, Suburban Lumber Company

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