Ken Wilbanks offers informative, inspirational keynotes with an uplifting message and poignant reminders for leaders who know they need a gentle but certain “Kick in the Pants” in response to the dynamic changes and challenges in our noble industry.

The Master’s Class: Keynote Follow-up

Making the keynote experience even more potent, Ken is now offering a complimentary post-keynote Master’s Class for every keynote he presents. This is a ninety minute follow-up designed as a facilitated open forum for deeper exploration of the main points of the keynote.

Ken’s New & Inspiring Keynotes:

Ken Wilbanks grew up working in hardware stores, cutting timber, and learning about the lumber business working in small sawmills in his hometown of Dallas, Georgia. From those humble but important beginnings, he then moved into the LBM and Home Center Industry beginning with the original Home Depot stores in Atlanta, Georgia. After decades of serving the industry with Home Depot, Lowes, Ernst Home and Nursery, EBS of Maine and scores of fine independents throughout America as an Executive Advisor, Educator and Coach, Ken is excited to offer two new keynotes that inspire and empower his audiences like never before. In his entertaining, uplifting and inspiring style, Ken shares his wisdom and the burning vision he has for the industry’s future.

The Hometown Business Advantage

As we look to the future of the Home Channel, the role of the independent lumber, hardware and home center organization has never been more important to to the health of the small towns of America. Individuals and families are leaving the anonymous lives of suburbia and congested large cities across the nation, returning to small towns with a vision of a better life where deep, enduring connection with friends and neighbors are core to their lives. Small town businesses are the heart of the new community for these people because that is where they will find what they need for their homes and lives. The hardware stores, lumber yards, and independent home centers in every ‘hometown’ will be central to houses becoming homes and newcomers becoming friends and neighbors.

In this inspiring keynote program, Ken brings his own small town origins to bear with humor and enthusiasm. Learn how your hardware, lumber and home centers are THE heart of YOUR Hometown already and how to deepen your relationships with your customers in powerful and enduring ways.

Ken’s Classic Keynotes:

The Executive Imperatives – Cornerstones of Excellence in Leadership

This keynote can be customized for non-Building and Lumber audiences and is ideal for Executives, Leaders, Managers, and Sales People across all industries.

There are no silver bullets in leadership, especially in challenging times. Yet, there are core imperatives that can be mastered and consciously applied by senior level management who want to be prepared to face the unique challenges of our demanding industry. In the course of the day-to-day operations in Construction Suppliers and Home Centers, Executives and Senior Managers often forget what matters most in creating excellence in their organizations. This keynote reminds us of five critical cornerstones of excellence in leadership: Creating Reality, Systems that Work, Recruiting and Retaining Talent, Modeling Optimum Technique and Uplift & Encourage.

Do not be fooled! The Executive Imperatives is NOT a somber droning of the responsibilities of managers.The Executive Imperatives is an inspirational clarification of what it takes to be THE leader we know we must be. The Executive Imperatives will prove to be THE catalyzing, inspirational keynote event for any professional organization desiring a revival in purpose, skill, and determination within their leadership corps.

Beat Last Year! – Cultivating Continuous Sales Growth

There’s only one game in sales – Beat Last Year!

You don’t have to passively accept the buffetings of economic and market trends. You don’t have to passively expect or accept underperformance in sales and profits. You have options. You can choose to take BOLD STEPS to ensure that YOUR LBM organization outperforms the industry in the face of whatever challenges stand between you and excellence. YOU and your TEAM are THE decisive determining elements for sales success!

This uplifting, motivational, and informative presentation focuses on critical skills, correct measurements, potent actions, and right attitudes for immediate sales improvement. Beat Last Year! is a perfect keynote program for Executives, Owners and Key Management Staff for dealers of every size.

Creating a Culture of Excellence

Construction Supply and Home Center Dealers face unprecedented challenges in virtually every area of operations. But challenging times do not exclude creating a culture of excellence. Even in these times it is possible to maintain and promote pristine standards in merchandising, awe inspiring customer service, dynamic marketing, passionate recruitment of talent, energized customer stewardship, inspiring vision/values, and potent uplifting leadership skills. Maintaining a culture of excellence in challenging times is essential for achievement in our industry. These stellar attributes are available to any LBM dealer truly committed to the pursuit of excellence. Excuses and mediocrity Be Gone!

This keynote is well suited for Executive or Senior Management Retreats, Multi-dealer EXPO events, as a Guest Speaker Presentation at Industry Roundtables and as a truly inspiring kickoff any organization seeking to jumpstart their performance.

Don’t Toss in the Towel!

Even in the best of times, the LBM Construction Supply and Home Center Industry is simply the most challenging sector of retail. The combined challenges of customer demands, financial navigation, balancing strategic planning with day to day operations, and the raw pace of the work can fatigue even the strongest leader. Don’t Toss in the Towel directly reveals the scope of our industry’s current challenges and offers insight as well as keen actions that will rejuvenate your senior leaders. This keynote is a refreshing and uplifting program best suited for senior management, executive teams and owners.

Stop the Leak!

Preventing Inventory Loss – Provides immediately effective strategies to stop the profit leak caused by unnecessary and costly product losses. Operational Processes and Management Skills are addressed driving towards immediate and sustained improvements for any dealer. Can you really afford leaks in your margin?

“Ken Wilbanks is one of the most inspirational speakers and coaches I know. His honest and sincere approach in teaching from his past experiences reflects the wealth of knowledge he has to offer. I not only view Ken as a coach and mentor, but as a true friend. Ken continues to give us guidance, and continues to make our company better. For that we truly thank him.”

-Scott Enter, CEO of Wright Lumber & Millwork Inc.

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