About Ken Wilbanks

Ken Wilbanks is a professional business consultant providing educational programs, financial and business process analysis, leadership development and executive coaching to the Lumber, Building Materials and Home Center industry. Ken’s rich vocational experiences lend insight and clarity to topics spanning the entire scope of product and sales & operational training, merchandising, marketing, finance and team development. Ken develops and presents programs that are specifically designed to bring an increased level of professionalism, enthusiasm and profitability to individuals and teams of any size.  Whatever the challenge, Ken Wilbanks will offer insights and creative solutions that help organizations establish and keep their competitive edge.

Ken is a veteran of Home Depot, Lowe’s, Ernst Home and Nursery, EBS Building Supply and other fine building material, hardware and lumber organizations throughout the nation. His career extends from entry level to executive responsibility over 30 years of experience, so Ken understands the unique challenges found in every area of this challenging business, especially the complex and rich opportunities faced by Multi-location Mixed Dealers in this time of unprecedented industry reinvention. His varied experience in both Pro and Consumer sectors of the Home Channel, his mastery of the basics and his dynamic communications style form a powerful catalyst for immediate and lasting transformation for individuals and organizations of any size.  From sales people to senior executives, team members at any level will be enriched in dynamic programs led by KEN WILBANKS.

“The time I spent with you has changed my life. You’ve inspired me to be better at my job and a much better person. All I can say is thank you.”

-Jim Klitz, Sales Representative at Lumber Mart

Contact Ken. Take the first step.Ken@KenWilbanks.com

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