“For any company in the Building Materials industry looking for an inspirational catalyst to help train and develop their people in what it takes to be competitive in today’s dynamic changing forces, you will truly want to consider the first-hand experiences, sensitive insight, and the articulate ability of Ken Wilbanks to connect with your people. Ken Wilbanks is an extraordinarily gifted educator who will listen with his heart, engage in your needs, and customize programs to your perfection.”

Larry Huot, President LaValley Building Supply, Inc

“Kenneth Wilbanks is the consummate lumber and building material industry professional. His years of experience in the field and ability to clearly communicate key information is invaluable. He has a keen business sense with the added bonus of being able to quickly integrate a wide range of information into a precise plan of attack for any LBM company seeking improved operating results. I highly recommend him for any educational or consulting purposes.”

Jeff Sacks, Publisher “The Lumber Co-Operator”

“Ken Willbanks, quite simply, changed my life–and the lives of our employees.  He is a man with decades of experience in the building materials industry.  He is also a man obsessed with individual and collective excellence.  He is an intuitive counselor and workshop leader who challenges each of us to identify and attain our personal best in life and the workplace.  He has inspired us to greatness!”

Tom Dwyer – President Dwyer’s Home Centers

“Ken Wilbanks’ industry knowledge, people skills and uncanny ability to sort and recall details on command make him an ideal coach. From identifying and prioritizing goals to developing the structure that will enable you to achieve extraordinary results – Ken helps you develop the tools that can be applied to all facets of life – business and personal.”

Stephen Dunn – CEO and Owner Dunn Builders Supply – Catskill, NY

“In his initial conversation with us, he stated “there is no reason that any independent dealer’s business should suffer upon the opening of a national competitor in their hometown provided you have superior service, impeccable standards of operational execution and ignited passions of your team. Companies with competitively priced products sold in great looking stores with fine people who believe in what they are doing each day and who are devoted to a vision and mission of excellence will be successful no matter what kind of competition is around.” It gives me extreme pleasure to state he has started to accomplish all of that and plenty more. I feel I can call him an extraordinary person, a respected colleague, and most of all a mentor and a friend.

Ken is a brilliant teacher, a passionate leader, and a counselor, but most of all an educational coach with a remarkable depth of communicational skills and humor, who has challenged each and every person in our organization. He has a set program but is willing to vary from it, as questions come up from the rank and file. Ken uses an old-fashioned hand on approach with the ultimate goal of making everyone more successful.

I feel all of the Triple “A” personnel received the skills that equipped them to do their jobs better and succeed, which shows with customer satisfaction and increased employee productivity.

Ken helped us through an insurmountable challenge of combining three different work forces that use to compete in the same market against each other to one unstoppable work force ready to take on any challenges our new national competitor decides to throw our way.

Ken is an inspiration to all of Triple “A” and will help pave the future of Triple “A” and I believe I can speak for all employees in saying it is impossible not to admire, to enjoy and to respect Ken Wilbanks.”

Robert Ashley, Triple A Home Centers – Massena, NY

“Thank you for your kind words Ken. It is important to let you know that the time I spent with you has changed my life. You have inspired me to not only be better at my job. But to be a much better person. All I can say is thank you my friend.”

Jim Klitz, Lumbermart West – Grand Forks, ND

“Mr. Wilbanks, I just wanted to take a moment and express my sincerest appreciation of your workshop that I attended in Rapid City, Tuesday afternoon.  It was my absolute pleasure to have met you and a complete joy to hear you speak.  I found the information to be invaluable, insightful, completely refreshing and quite liberating to be frank.  We look forward to putting some new practices in place and bringing our yard crew and store to a whole new level. Once again, it was my utmost pleasure and complete honor, thank you.”

Mark Winget, Knecht Homecenter – Canon City, CO

“I say this sincerely:  Your presentation at the WBMA conference was the best leadership presentation I have had the privilege of attending.”

Peter MacMillan, Dunn Lumber – Seattle, WA

“Ken is an amazing individual to lead a group and a huge asset to the group and the entire industry.”

Chad, St. Peter Lumber Co.

“I was in your 1st yard workshop in Minnesota 2 years ago. I talked to you at that time about time management and being able to manage the yard of our size. You told me I need to play shortstop. Just letting you know that I have finally got there. I have moved into an operation leader position for all of our yard locations. I just wanted to touch base and let you know that I have finally made the progress I needed and much of it was due to your advice. It has really helped Joel and I move me in the direction that I needed. Your wisdom and knowledge has become a powerful tool in our company and I wanted to let you know that it has made a difference in my professional life.”

Eric Beck, Yard Operations and Fleet Leader, Drexel Building Supply | Campbellsport

“Just a note of Thanks for the way you presented your Yard Managers seminars. A lot of the things you discussed I had discussed with our guys, yet they were having a hard time implementing…so it was great to have them hear it from someone else, with more experience. I will recommend this training to the rest of our Yards.

Larry Geschwill, General Manager | Simonson Lumber

“Ken, I felt your 2014 Yard & Delivery Workshop was very personable.”

Jerry Homola | Hamlin Building Center

“It was a pleasure attending your course, the information we went over will be a huge help in improving what we do. This is the first course that I didn’t struggle to stay awake and left feeling good about what I learned. Thanks for all the help.”

Tony Albert | Simonson Lumber

“Ken helped us through an insurmountable challenge of combining three different work forces that use to compete in the same market against each other to one unstoppable work force ready to take on any challenges our new national competitor decides to throw our way.”

-Robert Ashley, Triple A Home Centers – NY

“Ken has been a great resource first in my round table group and now directly working with our company. His depth of knowledge of the industry along with his understanding of human nature provides endless insight into our organization. Plus that southern personality that keeps us northerners on our toes!”

Emily Overson, CFO at Overson Lumber Company

Contact Ken. Take the first step.Ken@KenWilbanks.com